Here are some of the Projects in the current works,

Hunters Survey

Trumpeter Swan Education Program

1/8th Cent Sales Tax Proposal


The Hamilton county project:.

Gordonís Marsh


In a joint venture with the Hamilton County Conservation Board and numerous other organizations, the Waterfowl Association of Iowa is currently working on a project to benefit our states most valuable resource, its youth. 


Gordonís Marsh is a 283-acre tract consisting of 100 acres of wetland habitat and 183 acres of upland nesting cover.  The purpose of the area is for young hunter education.  Youth will have the ability to experience quality outdoor hunts, gun safety, hunter etiquette and proper wildlife management. 


The Waterfowl Association of Iowa (WAI) is assisting with the construction of a permanent blind along with the acquisition of various hunting related equipment to help introduce young hunters to our fine sport.

I urge you to take a look at their website and think about contributing to this project and stay alert to further developments with this project.

Organizations involved in this joint venture include:

Norman and Virgil Gordon families

Iowa Lottery

Public-Private Cost Share Program

Iowa REAP Grants

Hamilton County Pheasants Forever

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

Wetlands For Iowa

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation

Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Hamilton County Conversation Board

Waterfowl Association of Iowa


2. Adopt a Nesting Structure Program:

We are currently working on a program that we hope will put meaning and faith back into the nesting program in Iowa.

 The most common cause of failure in nesting projects is the failure to maintain the structures after erection. Failure to maintain a structure causes nothing more than a man made structure that is left to serve no function, as well as becoming an eye sore. We all know that the meaning behind the erection of the structures were good, but failure to maintain these have lead to hesitation of allowing these to be placed in future projects. We hope to provide a network of volunteers that will provide for the individual who cannot afford the time to maintain a nesting structure but wants to do his part. This person will be able to adopt a nesting structure and will be able to see first hand the results of his structure. These records from the nest will be sent to him as well as well as to the IDNR as to the success of this structure. We hope to have this program in place by this spring.

To help with this project as a maintainer of nest or for more information email: [email protected]



These are just a few of the many projects in the works. We hope to supply a steady stream of projects that will enhance the resource and sport we all love.