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TS Twill Shirt $40.00 Twill Shirt $40.00 100% Cotton Twill Shirt Long or Short Sleeve XS-4XL (Tall Sizes Available) Available In: White, Hunter, Natural and Blue Denim All items come with WAI Logo!
WS WAI Sweatshirt $30.00 Polyester/Cotton Blend XS-4XL Available In: Grey, Red and Black All items come with WAI Logo!
WWD WAI Window Decal $1.50 WAI Window Decal 3.5� x 4� Clings to almost any surface Clear background
WJ Wind Jacket $55.00 Water repellent, wind resistant XS-4XL Available In: Khaki, Hunter and Black All items come with WAI Logo!
WH WAI Hat $15.00 All hats have a brass strap for easy adjustment (One size fits most) Available In: Khaki and Camo
FJ Fleece Jacket $55.00 Anti-piling fleece for lightweight warmth XS-4XL Available In: Navy, Black and Midnight Heather All items come with WAI Logo!
WIC Waterfowl Identification Cards $9.25 Complete set of waterfowl identification cards. 36 of the most popular ducks and geese in North America shown in color with a description of characteristics of each make waterfowl identification fast and easy. 4 x 6, laminated, waterproof (With shipping and tax the total will be $14.05)
NS Bellrose Mallard Cylinder $27.00 Bellrose Mallard Nesting Structure $27.00 **Cost effective **Durable plastic made from recycled milk jugs **Light tan color to blend with the surrounding marsh **Simple and easy installation Designed to help keep predators from destroying duck nests. Tapered front for easy landing. Curved edge designed to hold in grasses. Hole in the back of the unit designed for the hen to escape from birds of prey. Field tests have proven units such as this have a success rate better than 80% of ground nests PHOTO: Bellrose Mallard Cylinder on LEFT
WDNS Wood Duck Nesting Structure $40.00 $40.00 **Durable plastic will out-last wood or sheet metal nesting units. **Light weight for easy handling **Made of recycled milk jugs **Light tan to blend with the environment **Unlike certain pressboard type of units that could have toxic materials that could harm the clutch **Metal hole guard around the elliptical hole entrance for protection from chewing **1994 state of the art venting for the best temperature control **Molded in ladder and wing holds for easy exiting **Removable nest bowl for easy cleaning The Bellrose nesting box helps the environment in two ways: FREE SHIPPING!!! 1. Enhance wood duck populations 2. Constructed from recycled plastics.