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We would like to first thank you for taking a moment to see how you can help Iowa waterfowl and the Iowa water fowl hunter become more successful in our great state. 

We would also like to welcome you to the Waterfowl Association of Iowa website.

The WAI is the first organization of its kind in Iowa that benefits both waterfowl and the waterfowl hunters with 100% of its funds. 

You may ask "How are we different from all the others"?  For starters, not only does 100% of the funds raised in Iowa stay in Iowa, it is also our goal to work with state and local governments to study, advise, recommend and secure enactment of legislation as it pertains to preserving our outdoor heritage and the sport we all love.

Please take a moment to read our mission statement .  We wish to thank you in advance for your time and hope you have enjoyed your visit to our web site. 

Become a voice for water fowlers in the state of Iowa so that many generations to come will have the opportunity to cherish the moments and memories passed down from our forefathers.

Fact: Wetlands are essential habitats for maintaining the populations of approximately 75% of the bird species in North America. These birds depend on wetlands for resting, feeding, and nesting. (Critical Trends) Thus making a wetland an excellent location for those interested in bird watching and photography. In fact, 50 million people spend approximately $10 billion each year observing and photographing wetland-dependent birds.

Fact: Wetlands are good hunting sites for those interested in waterfowl hunting. Approximately 3 million waterfowl hunters spend over $600 million each year hunting the wetland-dependent birds.

Fact: Iowa developers and agribusinesses have destroyed more than 3.5 million acres or nine-in-ten (89%) of the original wetlands, according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife estimates. That represents a loss of 10 million acre-feet or the equivalent of 1 million flood control dams.


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