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protect, preserve, and improve the sport of waterfowling in


Here in Iowa we have always taken our waterfowl hunting seriously.   From the old days of market hunting to the lean years of the 80’s, the call to action was never so important as it is today.   With the reduction in the amount of habitat available to waterfowl today, now more than ever they need our help to provide them with the basic elements of life.

The Waterfowl Association of Iowa is here to help achieve that goal by conducting waterfowl and wildlife conservation programs in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Ducks Unlimited, and many other organizations.

We strive to preserve, protect and improve the sport of water fowling in the state of Iowa by teaching respect for all waterfowl species, improving habitat for them, and conducting educational programs related to waterfowl, conservation, and resource enhancement.   We study, advise, recommend, and will secure enactment of legislation in the state as it pertains to preserving our outdoor heritage.