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  1. What is done with the money?
  2. How is this organization different than all the others?
  3. How much clout will the WAI have with the IDNR?
  4. What projects are you working on
  5. Will the WAI be involved in the legislative process?
  6. Where will all the money come from to operate?
  7. What accomplishments have you made in your first year.



What is done with the money?


The membership funds are put into the general fund to combat the 3 main issues that the WAI will address, Education, Legislation, Preservation.

The board of director’s approval will allocate all funds.

If a donation is made and the donator would like to see it spent somewhere in particular i.e.: Restoration, then the money would be earmarked for such projects as wished.


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How is this organization different than all the others.

100% of our efforts will go to the effort of improving resources for Iowa Waterfowl and for the Iowa Waterfowler.

The Waterfowl Association of Iowa will  strive to preserve, protect and improve the sport of waterfowling in the state of Iowa. 100% of the association’s effort will be in Iowa.
One of the biggest differences between the WAI and the larger groups (DU etc.) is that as the voice of the Iowa waterfowler the association is able to have a greater impact on state law and DNR rules and procedures than those other groups ever could.   Association President Tom Tandeski said,  ”We will be able to provide Iowa waterfowlers more  information about waterfowl management decisions in the state as well as, interaction and participation in those decisions. We understand the importance of all the other organizations and hope to be able to tap into their knowledge in their respective fields. We also hope they in turn notice the importance of the WAI and the role it will play in protecting hunters rights in Iowa.”
Vice President  Rick Ault added, “When Tom and I first began talking about starting a state waterfowl association  we discussed the fact that hunters in our state needed a group that would act as a voice for waterfowlers in our state, protecting our rights as hunters and our hunting heritage. I feel it is especially important that WAI is an organization that will take a stand on issues in the state legislature that will have a lasting impact on preserving the sport of hunting in Iowa.”
WAI wasn’t formed to compete with the other waterfowl organizations. It was formed to do the things the others are unable to. So many of the issues that effect waterfowling occur at the state level, whether it be in the legislature, in the Wallace Building, or in your local marsh and a state organization like WAI is the way to tackle those issues.

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How much clout will the WAI have with the IDNR? ?

We believe the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has taken the WAI very seriously as we were first contacted by them. We look forward to growing a partnership with the IDNR as well as many of the already established organizations such as DU, Delta, Waterfowl USA, Iowa Trappers Assoc, WTF, Pheasants Forever, to name just a few. We have and are currently working with them of waterfowling issues.

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What projects are you working on?

Please see our some of our current Projects CLICK HERE]

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Will the WAI be involved in the legislative process?

YES! We need to protect what we have. How can we move forward if they keep taking? If you build 10 projects and loose 10 you go nowhere.

We need to also ensure funding is being allocated through legislature to the places where it is needed.

Last but not least we need to protect our outdoor heritage that was passed on to us by our forefather for others to enjoy as much as they did. We have to ensure the art of waterfowling is passed on forever!

We must also answer allot of questions, that can only be answered on this level.

1. Why is Iowa at the bottom of the list when it comes to Public Hunting Acres? 2. Why is Iowa only receiving a fraction of the federal funds as some of the other states?

These are just 2 of many on this level than the WAI would like to address

We hope to be the Voice at this level for Iowa Waterfowl and the Iowa Waterfowler.

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Where will all the money come from to operate?

Along with the standard Memberships, Banquets, and Raffle's we hope through the help of writing grants, sponsorships, corporate backing, earmarked monies as well as endowment funds be able to support the needs of the WAI and the Iowa Waterfowler

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What accomplishments have you made in your first year?






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