Zone 3


These are your Zone Delegates for Zone 3, Feel free to contact them to answer any questions you might have. Thank You!
Delegate: Mike Dennis Email: [email protected]
Address: 103 w 3rd Casey, IA, 50048 Phone: (641-746-2887)

Hi I'm Mike Dennis southwest Iowa zone 3 delegate. To let you know a little bit about me. Waterfowl hunting has been a passion of mine for ten to twelve years. In the early years all I knew was jump shooting. Jack a guy I worked with invited me to go on a hunting trip with him around Desoto Bend. That day is imprinted in my memory as the turning point for my renewed hunting experience in waterfowl today. It was not about the birds bagged but the feet down in your face when everything is going right day. So when Paul Hansen my cousin approached me to join, thought to my self. I Mike Dennis WILL NOT SIT ON THE SIDE LINES ANYMORE. It is time to preserve the great outdoor for today's youth or in short the future.